Comfort, adjustability and precision. More then just words, this are values sought after by gamers all around the world. Seek no more. With supple, high quality wearproof synthetic leather covering the lightweight metal frame, extra padded seating, backrest support, we offer you comfort! With the fully customizable height, armrests, back and head support, we offer you adjustability at its finest! With a slick ergonomic design and an advanced seat mechanism that comes with preset and lockable tilt positions we offer you precision! Wining has never been easier… You are now prepared!


      Height adjustment

      Pull up the handle to adust the height, release at desired height.



      Adustable armrests

      Push the button on the side to raise or lower
      Slide the armrest back and forth to set the distance
      The armrests are also rotatable for more comfort.

      Adustable backrest

      Pull up the lever to adust the backrest angle up to 135 degrees.



      Adustable backrest

      Pull up the lever to adust the backrest angle up to 135 degrees.

      Rocking function

      The chair can be tilted up 13 degrees in any position.
      Use the adjustment wheel to set the desired resistance.




      Chair height: 123-131cm

      Seat height: 46-54cm

      Seat width: 49cm

      Seat depth: 53cm

      Back height: 84cm

      Back width: 57cm


      1.2mm thickness lightweight metal frame

      Wearproof full synthethic PU leather seat, front and back

      Fixed shaped foam back and sea

      Gas Lift – class 4

      Fully adustable and rotatable armrests

      Durable wheels with PU castor

      Rocking up to 13 degrees

      Adjustable backrest up to 135 degrees

      Durable wheels with metal castor

      Adjustable headrest pillow for increased comfort