If you are gaming, working or just relaxing, doing it comfortably allows you to do it better, longer and with greater enthusiasm. With this chair we are aiming for both comfort and value. Our chair’s ergonomic design is optimized for gaming but is also perfect for other uses thanks to its adjustability, which allows you to personalize it after your own comfort needs. So whether you’re in for a long night chasing monsters in your favorite multiplayer online game or just catching up on your social media and some casual gaming, our chair will make that experience more enjoyable and rewarding.


      Thick padded armrests

      The armrests are padded for increased comfort



      Rocking function

      The chair can be tilted up 13 degrees in any position. Use the adjustment wheel to set the desired resistance.

      Height adjustment

      Pull up the handle to adust the height, release at desired height.




      Chair height: 117-127cm

      Seat height: 49-59cm

      Seat width: 52.5cm

      Seat depth: 53cm

      Back height: 73cm

      Back width: 58cm


      Wood frame

      Wearproof PVC

      Gas Lift - class 3

      Padded armrests

      Rocking up to 13 degrees

      Durable wheels with PU castor